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-------a SaFe PLaCe FoR LoSeRz------

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the artists... request graphics from us specifically

Kayte - example are here

Cera - examples are here

Caitlin - she does blinkies and examples of her work is here

Cera and I do graphics.. pretty much everything.. and Caitlin does blinkies... for example if you would like an icon where one letter blinks at a time.. go to the lovely Caitlin...
If you want graphics with your pictures... friends only banners, journal headers, icons.. pretty much everything else BESIDES blinkies.. come to me and Cera...

What is punkapaloserr anyways?

Well, I'll tell you what it is.. it's my way of expressing punkapalooza.. or we can break it down. I believe a palooza is sort of like a party of some sorts, a celebration. All I know is that I used to hear them say it on Sesame Street a lot when I was younger. Elmopalooza anyone? Or am I just going mad? And loser, well.. u know what a loser is, but a loseRR is a cool loser. Yes, I believe I am cancelling myself out here, but think about it. Punk is a growing society these days, their not the outcasts they once were, and as much as we try to regain compusure with all the stupid little MTV wannabe's out there, it's a struggling community. So loserr just go to show that what people didn't once want to be, has become part of pop culture (thank you Avril - not) and now.. everyone wants to be a loser. But they want to dress nice and hear stuff on the radio.. oh an no piercings please :).. suckas...


I've finally decided to make an icon journal that doesn't have to do with actors/actresses or pop icon like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. I've tried all that, and quite frankly I'm sick of it. I am willing to accept the fact that maybe people won't be interested in a punk icon journal, but maybe some people will. Some respectable people at least.

I realize that your definition of punk, and mine may be different. So please, don't waste your time gallavanting about how Good Charlotte is not punk.. I know they are not. They are pop punk along with New Found Glory and All-American Rejects. My favorite bands are Bowling For Soup, The Getup Kids, and Brand New. One not very known, one maybe known, and one pretty much known. All different sides of the community. Andrew W.K. is my hero... he makes me want to dance. I went to Warped Tour this year... and I fucking liked it. So what? Doesn't mean Ive surrendered to the MTV Avril wannabe's. I understand that Blink182 and Sum41 is CaliPunk, and that Monty's Fan Club and Less Than Jake is Ska. I can tolerate Screamo, Hardcore and Metal, but their not in my favorites. IF YOU REQUEST ANYTHING WITH AVRIL I MIGHT DIE. so please keep me alive and just don't ask. You can like her, I don't care, but I'm not featuring her here in this journal.

My RuLeS

I am one person. I have a life. I have a boyfriend. I have a job. I can only do so many things at one time. So please, keep your requests simple. If there's some things u lyk to see.. tell me. I'll need lots of suggestions to keep me going. You can e-mail me to check up on your graphic. Please don't be too picky. I can sometimes spend hours on a graphic you only KINDA like. That's not cool. So just remember.. one rule. Realize that I am real.

EDIT: thanks to Cera and Caitlin.. i am not one person.. i am a three team fighting machine.. eh.. lame joke..

Oh yes, and no direct linking... AND CREDIT ME IN YOUR USERINFO!!! Use the banner down below... you must credit.. i do check.